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Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 70 kHz


Impedance: 13Ω


Sensitivity: 104dB (@130mV)


Total Harmonic Distortion: <1%  (@130mV)




Bass (1): Custom Made 10mm pu+peek DD with N54 magnet

Midrange (4): E-Audio Improved RAB Dual Drivers

Treble (1): Knowles Tweeter

Ultra High (2): Sonion EST



HOUSING MATERIALShell: 3D Printed Resin




Wire Material: 2 Core, High-Purity, Monocrystalline, Silver-Plated Copper

Length: 1.2 ± 0.1

Connector: 2-Pin (0.78 mm)

Monitor plug: 4.4mm


  • Aür Audio is offering a six months limited warranty and guarantee to repair within the period of warranty.


    Buyer is responsible for one way shipping, import tax during the warranty period and both ways if there is nothing wrong with the IEM


    Once the warranty expired, buyer is responsible for both ways shipping, parts and labours


    This warranty does not cover:

    • Accessories
    • Driver Flex
    • Loss and damage.
    • 0.78mm Socket problems resulting from using aftermarket cables.
    • Switch 
    • Abuse, misuse, accidents, improper storage, and usage under conditions which the products are not intended for.
    • Problems resulting from any unauthorized repairs or modifications to the product.
    • Wax buildup or moisture issues.
    • Deterioration of product’s color and/or physical condition resulting from normal wear and tear; such deterioration is not considered defect.
    • Shipping and handling (inbound and outbound).
    • IEM on touring purposes
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