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Shipping Policy

Aür Audio is glad to offer free worldwide shipping with any IEM purchase. We have partnered with Fedex to fufill our shipping needs.

All customers will receive a tracking number for each shipment which will allow them to track their package from the moment it is despatched. All packages require a signature upon delivery.

Warranty Information

Aür Audio is offering a six months limited warranty and guarantee to repair within the period of warranty.

The warranty gets void when damage is caused by modifications. An example of this is when 2-pin sockets get loose due to unnecessary and excessive detaching of stock and third-party cables.

The warranty will not cover hardware or shell damage caused by accident, misuse, clogged earwax, shock, distortion caused by excessive volume, physical wear and tear, negligence, abuse, cable modification, cable upgrade, and acts of God.

The warranty will not cover damage caused by third-party repair, modification and maintenance.

For broken shells such as cracks and major scratches, we offer re-shelling service. Re-shelling rates vary on model, customizations, replacement drivers, and shipping.

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